This week, I made a short and sweet visit to Montreal, Canada, for work. I had only been to Montreal once prior to this week’s trip, but it was also a quick day trip, so this time around, with some time to spare in-between meetings, I attempted to make the most of my time in the beautiful city.

In my personal opinion, the charming architecture and cobble streets in Montreal make you feel as if you’re in Europe, without actually being in Europe. As former Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic Traveler, Keith Bellows, described of his hometown, “it’s the closest you’ll get to being in Europe without going there”. It also feels that way, since all the locals speak French, albeit a different dialect to the French, however, appealing all the same.

I found that the weather in Montreal was a lot colder than in New York, however, I was informed that usually by December, the streets are usually covered in a few feet of snow, so they were behind schedule with the snowfall, this year – just like how New Yorkers experienced an unexpected warm temperature, this past weekend. It would have been magical to see Montreal covered in snow around the holiday season, but I was happy to be able to walk around and view some breathtaking sights in Old Montreal – or as they call it, Old Port – in my few hours of spare time.




A place I recommend dining at is Comptoir 21 – I don’t think I have found a good fish and chip joint in New York yet (maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough), but whenever I am in Montreal, this is certainly my go-to spot (shoutout to Sam for taking me here). Teamed with a great selection of homemade sauces, the fluffy battered white fish accompanied by a glass of rosé reminds me of a good old classic Kiwi meal. I have also been told that the bagels in Montreal are great.

As I write this, I am making a mental note to spend a thorough weekend in Montreal, somewhere in the near future. The flight from New York to Montreal only takes approximately an hour – much less than the time it takes to prepare for the flight itself, so I guess I do not have any excuses. Stay tuned for a Part II…

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